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Everything is okay so far, I'm trying to have a List View of complaints, this works when I start the application the List View does show complaints added in as sample data.I've put the Binding Context in my cs file and the binding works cuz it is showing the preloaded mock-up data but isn't showing added data.

But when I debug the code I can see that my property for the Observable Collection gets called and that my collection holds all the Log Entries that I add.Im designing an MVVM WPF app, and have a View Model which has a property called Selected Customer, of type Customer.This object has a property called Summary Details of type Observable Collection which renders into a List View, line by line.To do this, I have created a separate property on the View Model called Customer Summary Details which contains simply a get, that returns the collection contained within the customer I mentioned above.In the XAML I have bound the Items Source to the Customer Summary Details Property.

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