Ocd cant take dating rejection

In addition, as human beings we have physical needs including both sexual and non-sexual.When I am having a difficult day, a long hug from my husband can make everything seem okay again.Therefore, when it happens, a grief process occurs which often includes denial that your spouse is ill.Denial is a natural reaction to this terrible disease, however, it can cause a lot of problems.I would like to mention a few strategies to help you cope with the changes in your marriage.Although emotionally we can never be totally prepared, do what you can to get financial and legal documents in order as soon as you know there is a problem.When your spouse has dementia, they may have a decrease in desire for any physical contact or they may be very inappropriate with their physical and sexual demands.

Don’t be afraid to ask family, friends and professionals for help with getting everything done at home.

You were once partners in your marriage, and with dementia, you gradually become more like a parent to your own spouse.

These changes in roles can leave you feeling overwhelmed, burdened, angry and frustrated.

Talking to an elder law attorney is one quick way of getting things in order.

Regarding intimacy, expect your feelings and needs to change as your spouse changes.

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