Older women dating younger men ghana

Menopause seems to be the cause of many failed marriages (or at least that’s what some men I’ve talked with blame it on).

If he’s ever been online dating or on a few sour blind dates with a woman who’s still bitter about her breakup, he suddenly thinks they’re ALL like that.

So many ladies ask me what is up with older men dating younger women.

There is actually an evolutionary psychological theory surrounding this common “phenomenon”.

When you consider what makes a successful long-term, healthy relationship last, age is just one consideration in a number of relationship factors to consider.

I think it felt good for him that an 18-year-old was choosing to spend time with him.

Woman B: I rented a flat in the backyard of his then-girlfriend. But I knew he was probably 10 years older than me and that was a little bit of the attraction, because I thought that he would be older and more settled with none of the bullshit that you have in your 20s.

Woman A: I was working in retail at the time, and he was a customer. He looks younger than he is and is in very good shape.

I think it was a thrill for him and gave him a chance to relive some of his adolescence.

Most relationships require work and cooperation to make them successful.

Thankfully not all older men seek younger women for a relationship.

Women I’ve interviewed between the ages of 40 and 70 largely believe men their age are not interested in dating someone their own age.

Studies show older men prefer youth and beauty first for mate selection and women choose men who offer resources and stability.

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