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She celebrates the book’s launch with a live event tonight, featuring comedy and live music performances, raising money for the global anti-harassment activist group Hollaback.In advance of the release party, we asked Tweten to tell us a bit about the project and what she’s learned. The Instagram started in 2014 when I was having a conversation with a bunch of friends online about how men sometimes turn hostile when rejected or ignored.

With the internet always changing and evolving, site after site has popped up, and talking to people online is the new norm.

She named it “Bye Felipe,” a gender-flipped play on the iconic “Bye, Felicia” dismissal uttered by Ice Cube in the movie Quickly, the account took off, and followers started contributing their own “Bye, Felipe” moments from the worlds of online dating and just being a woman on the internet at all.

Nearly half a million followers later, Tweten has compiled some lessons she’s learned about dating, misogyny, and navigating a world that can feel really hostile into her new book, In the book, she dishes on topics like deciding which app might be right for you, (Raya is the “secret Tinder for celebrities”; Plenty of Fish is “the bottom of the barrel”) and offers a study of the kind of male specimens one might encounter, from Pickup Artist Peter to Michael Mansplainer and Trevor the Troll.

Four years ago, Alexandra Tweten was a writer living in Los Angeles and, like many of her peers, she was open to finding companionship on online dating apps.

Before long she found she was being inundated with messages from men that fell somewhere on a scale from annoying and needy to disrespectful and even violent. She started an Instagram account as a joke among friends, screencapping and sharing some of the rude and outrageous messages they received.

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