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She told Colton she was giving him her heart to care for during their time together in the mansion, but he (and Lucy) seemed less than thrilled with the idea.

Though Catherine made many questionable decisions during her villainous run on “The Bachelor,” bringing a dog to a date isn’t always a faux pas — you just have to clear it with your date first.

Everyone on Dig loves dogs, so you don’t have to hound someone to go on a dog-friendly date.

Before season 23 of “The Bachelor” aired, American football player Colton Underwood created a fun video to assure fans that his first rose went to his Labrador Retriever, Harvey.

Many dog owners (myself included) believe it’s important to make sure their pups get along with their significant others — and vice versa.

That’s why two industrious dog lovers recently launched the Dig dating app.

Dig can help you establish long-term compatibility with a dog-friendly date, and that just saves everyone time.

After all, there’s no point getting into a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t want the same things in life.

Dig founders Casey and Leigh Isaacson saw firsthand how differing opinions about dogs can put a strain on a romantic relationship.You need your date to like your dog, and you need your dog to like your date for everything to go smoothly.This is especially true if you’re all going to share a bed at some point — and 42% of dog owners say they sleep in the same bed as their dogs.The Tip or Trick of the Day notification also keeps dog owners in the know by sending valuable recommendations from local vets, trainers, and shelters.The Dig team is passionate about dogs and works hard to improve the health and happiness of canines around the world.

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