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Questions such as “should you simply say hello and hope for a response” or “should you wait to see if they will make the first message move” race through their minds like a raging waterfall.

James Anderson is the Director of Content for Beyond He has many years of dating and relationship experience with older women of various ages and loves helping other men and women find success.Hey all and welcome to my article on online dating first message tips!How your write your message will determine how easy it is to get a match This is the next step in determining whether or not your message achieves its objective. A good start is a simple greeting; you would be surprised at the power of “Hi,” and then move into telling them your name and asking them how they are doing.This is an excellent time to talk about something interesting about their profile that caught your eye.

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Fortunately, we have put this guide together to put your mind at ease, allowing you to relax, let go of your doubts and worries and take the plunge into uncharted waters and send that all important first message.

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