Optically stimulated luminescence dating at rose cottage cave

Blades from the Howiesons Poort assemblages were produced by soft hammer percussion on marginal platforms and the backed tools of this industry subsequently fashioned from these flakes.Sarah Wurz's study shows that the general assemblage, frequency of retouch pieces, and the variability in formal tool morphologies still need to be looked into further.In such regions, the emergence of symbolic behaviour would be indicated in different context specific markers.The importance of the evidence of the Howiesons Poort is that symbolic behaviour can be recognised in an African context at a significantly earlier time.Assessing the radiation dose was problematic because the measurement of potassium (K) returned different values using several independent techniques.The mode of sediment deposition via different depositional mechanisms such as, fluvial, and clast spalling present difficult challenges in assessing the zero age value of a sample.Meanwhile, Harper's study at Rose Cottage contain a confusion concerning the backed pieces and laterally crested blades Howiesons Poort tools seem not to differ greatly in shape from those of the Late Stone Age lithic tools such as those manufactured by Wilton culture though they tend to be larger but somewhat smaller than the typical flake and blade tools elsewhere in the Middle Stone Age.It has been noted that “Not only was ochre collected and returned to the site but there is evidence in the ochre 'pencils' with ground facets that it was powdered for use.

This study is primarily concerned with testing the validity of the conventional SAR protocol applied to South African archaeological sites.” It has been suggested that backed blades played a role in gift exchanges of hunting equipment, and this ceased with culture changes that stopped this exchange and so the need for their manufacture.This idea is supported by evidence that the long-distance transport of non-local raw materials (which such gift culture would have encouraged) is reduced after the Howiesons Poort period.RCC presents problematic sediments for OSL dating because of a high feldspar component in the sediments at the site (OSL dating is preferably done on quartz grains due to a better understanding of the mechanisms of OSL production).Assessing the radiation dose samples received during their burial period was problematic due to the large presence of potassium rich feldspars.

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