Polyfidelitous dating

At the time of this writing, their website is selling a variety of unique apparel, as well as a book of photography with Cole on one of the covers.It's sold out, but hopefully more copies are on the way!

He went on, "The vision tour is over but the vision lives on." Amen to that, Tyler.Not that they're categories or anybody should be categorized by race, but it's a really insufferable feeling, feeling like I have to be categorized." Cole often has to deal with this when people express opinions about the music he makes, as some apparently criticize his eclectic tastes and raps because of the color of his skin."As a person of color, I feel it is a lot harder to be alternative, or to do things that are out of the norm…" he explained in an interview with .Specifically, her rumored boyfriend, Tyler Cole, wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, steeped in money and privilege."My mom moved us out to Los Angeles as a single mom with a dream to be an actor," he revealed in a 2018 interview with magazine, he shared, "…my mom is white and my dad's black and I've always felt overly borderline.

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"I actually also made a feature film." Talk about one seriously impressive resume!

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