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I wasn’t relieved that I didn’t have to tell people or justify my actions.On the inside I really wanted to be able to raise the baby and show it what the world was like.Racial tensions have come to a boiling point, #All Lives Matter is a whitewashing demon, and Kim K is still wearing cornrows.Times are tough, and we all need to come together in these difficult times.At 8 weeks I was out with my family and was stressing over how to tell them.

My period was supposed to start around the time school started but it didn’t come.

Going anonymous because no one really knows that I was pregnant. We were not dating and had fooled around since I was 11 or 12.

To describe it, we were just friends with benefits.

But his racist sexualization of me didn't stop there.

I'm not sure if this dude was on drugs while talking to me or if he really wanted me to gather my ethnic girl gang to step on his face, shackle him and beat him senseless. After centuries of welts, shit food, murder and other horrendous things done to Black slaves, he can take a tiny crack of a whip.

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