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For instance, Patrick Murphy, former police commissioner in several American cities, once wrote that many communities are policed by a farcical little collection of untrained individuals who are really nothing more than guards.These genuinely small departments (fewer than twenty-five sworn officers), to begin with, tend not to have much of a franchise by and large; with small territory and limited clientele, they do not face much of a crime problem. 7172) Murphy was one of several reformers to suggest that these small police agencies should be eliminated or consolidated into larger and more professional departments.Thank goodness for our unsatisfactory police force! Torres has written: 'Handbook of federal police and investigative agencies' -- subject(s): Criminal investigation, Law enforcement, Police, United States, United States. of Justice 'Handbook of state police, highway patrols, and investigative agencies' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, State Police Various agencies. Then you have agencies for enforcing environmental matters, code enforcement, you'll have a Child Protective Service agency, you'll have state inspectors on job sites for roads being built...all these agencies are enforcing laws and regulations. In general and as agencies, police are well equipped and trained to conduct crime scene investigations.

This entry highlights some of the important changes that have taken place in the organization and management of American police agencies, explains briefly why these changes occurred, and discusses some of the current trends that provide a hint of changes to come.

The American system of policing is unique by world standards.

There are approximately twenty thousand state and local police agencies in the United States (Maguire, et al.; Reaves and Goldberg, 1999).

The NKVD is often referred to as a "secret police" force, but it wasn't just that.

It was an internal security force that included regular uniformed police and firefighters.

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