Rails production log not updating

Rather than log all information about a particular request on multiple lines it will be much easier for later processing if we have a one line format.

For the humans it works best to keep things lined up neatly in columns so that they can be quickly scanned for anomalous entries.

Everything with the app seems to be working properly, with the exception of the rails application logging.

My expectation is that everything application-specific should be written to the /log/file.

For these routing errors your server will continue happily working, send out a 404 response and go on to process future requests.

The method but unfortunately it’s the same as the default Rails logger and we don’t want our logging information in that same stream.

We’ll need to create our own logger and point it to the file we want our logging to go to.

I’ll show you how to turn several lines of rambling output per request into one concise line with the essential information that needed to debugging production problems.

This will be the basis for adding logging specific to your business logic and future debugging requirements.

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