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Where these lakes form, they drown Douglas-fir trees.Long after these trees have died, many still stand, forming ‘ghost forests.We have found at Wasson and Klickitat Lakes that while radiocarbon dating may suggest that 1700 is a possible date for the landslides, tree ring data negate such a possibility.So, while radiocarbon dating is useful and can help narrow the range of possible ages, it is currently to date a landslide with the sub-annual accuracy common to dendrochronology.Radiocarbon dating, where carbon from landslide organic material is compared to the modern atmosphere, is a common landslide-dating technique.Other researchers have measured the surface roughness of landslide surfaces to estimate the time of failure.

For example, several small rings beginning in 1739 correspond to regional drought that is visible in tree rings throughout western Oregon.I am also working on landscape evolution in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.I hope to understand stream capture and drainage reorganization of the forearc as the Oregon Coast Range has uplifted.Klickitat Lake in the Oregon Coast Range has many still-standing Douglas Fir trees that were drowned after a landslide formed the lake.The age of the lake-forming landslide can be ascertained when dendrochronological techniques are applied to wedges extracted from these trees.

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