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Together they had three children, while Hayden continued to expand his knowledge of salvage and reconstruction, working toward a future in a different line of work whether he knew it at the time or not.In 1999, Hayden was renting a warehouse that had a lot of surplus space, and he began to get the idea to turn the extra room into a storefront for selling guns.He ran the idea by the building's owner, Scotty Scardina, who had for years been a mentor to Hayden in the refrigeration business.It was an idea he couldn't shake, and Scardina supported it, so Hayden went to work on setting up the business along with his wife and her cousin.

Police initially suspected Hayden of committing the robbery himself to collect a payout from his insurance company, but scuttled this theory when Hayden informed them that he It gets worse: most of the stock consisted of weaponry on consignment, meaning that not only had Hayden been robbed of his own inventory, he'd lost the property of the customers selling through his store.

The beginning of Hayden's climb out of ruin came from one of the people with most cause to be angry with him—his mentor Scotty Scardina, whom Hayden was now in debt to.

With Hayden's gun store done for, Scardina decided to start his own gun business in the warehouse called Red Stick Firearms, taking the name from the English translation of the French words "baton rouge." The deal was simple: Hayden would work off his debt by spearheading the creation of Scardina's gun store, getting the privilege of living in the back as he did so.

worse, the man who'd put the most of his own personal property on consignment with the store happened to be dying of cancer, only selling his guns to pay for medicine and treatment.

The reversal of fortune left Hayden with less than nothing—now, he was deeply in debt.

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He was in boot camp by the age of 17, graduating in 1982 and staying with the Marines until 1987, departing the service as a sergeant and returning to Louisiana.

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