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The @Product parameter accepts multiple values, but @Product Category and @Product Sub Category accepts only a single value. SELECT English Product Category Name, English Product Subcategory Name, English Product Name, Sales Amount, Order Quantity, Unit Price, Total Product Cost, Order Date Key FROM Dim Product INNER JOIN Dim Product Subcategory ON Dim Product. Product Subcategory Key INNER JOIN Dim Product Category ON Dim Product Subcategory. Product Category Key INNER JOIN Fact Internet Sales ON Dim Product. It will open the Report Parameter Properties window.As you know @Product parameter will accept multiple values, so select "Allow multiple values".

It will open the Report Parameter Properties window.

This tip assumes that you have previous real world experience building a simple SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report.

I have tried my best to prepare this tip in such a way that SSRS beginners can also understand the problem and implement the solution.

The available values for the @Product Sub Category parameter are coming from the Product Sub Category dataset, so I have to add one query parameter in the Product Sub Category dataset which will filter the Product Sub Category for the @Product Category parameter.

As you can see in the image below, a query parameter has been added in the Product Sub Category dataset.

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Also keep in mind, when you create cascaded parameters, the independent parameter must be defined before the dependent parameter in the Report Data pane.

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