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Such is the power of the Jeep brand—for the low, low price of whatever one of its products costs (or, again, a free selfie on the street along with a good made-up back story when your date starts asking questions), you can engage your, ahem, low range and take the bouncy road, if you get our drift. To 21st-century eyes the bicycle seems unremarkable.Vans shouldn't increase messages at all—see our earlier statement about sleazy pickup tactics, which we'd say include kidnapping by windowless van. Anyway, we assume the Jeep boost comes from the brand's outdoorsy image.Nor should a Toyota up your message frequency by 73 percent. Everyone likes to think they're adventurous or wants an adventurous, er, mate, with, um, adventurous tastes.Female cyclists abandoned impractical Victorian clothing for trousers or bloomers.“The bicycle is indeed the great leveller,” reported the magazine in 1894.Tandem bicycles, immortalised in a song from 1892, “Daisy, Daisy”, let couples ride together. Women were expected to rely on male gallantry for repairs: “There are many punctures done on purpose, which necessitates a tête-à-tête walk home.”As bikes got cheaper, the craze came to an end, to the relief of scandalised Victorians who worried that cycling made women infertile, caused disease and loosened their morals.

Online dating also seems to be boosting interracial marriages by overcoming social divisions. Both technologies are, you might say, revolutionary.

It’s so easy and simple to meet someone special and hit the open road in you area.

Tired of swiping right all day and getting no bites on your online dating profile?

We’ve all heard it before: life on the open road can get lonely for truckers.

If you haven’t already found love by the time you become a truck driver, it may be hard to ever find it.

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