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" /Predominant figures commit murder, aggravated assault, and glamorize violence through the use of decorative, threatening weaponry and fashion.

Romeo makes a vengeance killing; the two protagonists take their own lives.

Friar Laurence tells the story of the “star-crossed lovers,” at which point the Capulets and the Montagues agree to end their long violent feud.

Ending the play the Prince offers, “For never was a story of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Several themes emerge from the often told, and as often, retold tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

Lord Capulet, who does not want bloodshed in his house, thwarts him.

The most famous scene from , the balcony scene, follows the ball.

Instead, Romeo meets and falls in love with Juliet, whose cousin Tybalt wants to kill Romeo for sneaking into the ball.

From his vantage point in the Capulet orchard, Romeo hears Juliet professing her love for him without regard for her family’s disapproval.

Romeo reveals himself to her and they are married in secret the following day by Friar Laurence who believes the union will serve to mend relations between the two families.

Tybalt has not left his hatred for Romeo behind and challenges him to a duel, which Romeo declines, feeling his is now kin to Tybalt.

Mercutio, out of disdain for Tybalt and over what he perceives as Romeo’s cowardice, agrees to duel in Romeo’s place.

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