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The Nintendo DS system is the perfect platform for role-playing (RPG) video games.

RPGs tend to be similar to a book, engrossing players in rich storylines with interesting characters where they’re forced to think about every decision made, and because the Nintendo DS is so personal, everything takes place right in your hands.

It lacks any complex cinematics or modern graphics in exchange for using your imagination in a heavy text and dialogue-based, first-person RPG with random encounters and equipment.

Gameplay for Dark Spire centers on exploring a dungeon called the Dark Spire while upgrading skills and stats of your characters by gaining experience from defeating 80 different types of enemies.

Turn-based combat has enemies facing off against a four-member party team of you and the three of your chosen demons.

Contact is an homage, a substitute for the brokenhearted Earthbound fans who may never see another Earthbound game in existence.Below you’ll find the best role-playing games on the Nintendo DS.For many RPG fans, finding the right combination of story and gameplay is important, and our picks offer just the right balance.Its fresh mechanics and cinematic vibe give the game a kind of movie-like feel that does it justice in describing its more complex, character-driven plot.The Dark Spire is your classic, old-school, dungeon-crawling, role-playing experience for the Nintendo DS.

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