Sasuke and sakura dating fanfiction Sex in cam onlin old lady

Because Sakura said to ino that she likes sasuke then ino got jealous and they started fighting over sasuke till SHIPPUDEN NARUTO!!!!!!

update: As said in episode 32 of naruto "Sakura Blossoms" it shows why she cuts her hair short, and why ino and sakura are rivals.

I do not think that Sasuke likes either one of them (Sakura and Ino) because after coming back from the Village of the Mist, Sakura asked Sasuke on a date and he declined. but he really doesn't admitt he's love for sakura nor Ino!!! they tried to when sakura was battling with someone i dont know i think it was sasuke tried to kiss ino only to prove her that he does not like had almost kissed on lips when sakura finished and sasuke was too shy to kiss ino infront of sakura so he didnt. top answer is correct but sasuke has feelings for thinks ino is much like him than sakura.

Peggy Sue fanfic where 21-year-old Sakura is sent back in time as a final mission by Tsunade to save Konoha.

The night Sasuke leaves, Naruto and Sakura go get ramen. Sakura has obvious feelings for Sasuke, but Sasuke doesn't care abouy Sakura at all.

I wouldn't really call it a date, but that is as close as they will ever come. In addition, Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha and its residents. So the answer would ultimately be no, they are not in love. Sasuke love Sakura this is a real thing Sakura love Sasuke this is a real real thing But , they are not toghether , strange.....

Now in her six-year-old form, Sakura is determined to become a kunoichi and rebuild Team 7 while trying to save Konoha in the process.

As she continues to grow into her new life, there are conflicts, realizations, relationships, and changes that alter her life forever.

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Sakura still has strong feelings for Sasuke,but she is dissapointed that Sasuke left the village later in Shippuden. but still we have found some prove that sasuke might just have feelings for sakura.

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