Sax parser not validating

Parsing is usually done by two logical components: a parser and a scanner.The scanner reads the text and classifies it as "tokens".If the SAX parser cannot find the DTD file specified in the XML document, it will return an error: To avoid this, use the Resolve Entity callback procedure to override the XML DTD file with a local one. If VALIDATION-ENABLED is set to NO, so that the SAX parser is not doing any validations, then the local DTD can be just an empty file. All feature and property names are fully-qualified URIs (often URLs), such as " as with Namespace URIs, people should only define feature and property names based on URIs that they control.

One important application for properties is getting and setting extension event handlers, for event types not supported by the four core SAX2 handlers, Entity Resolver, DTDHandler, Content Handler, and Error Handler.An example of a parser that reads assignment statements and arithmetic expressions and builds XML can be found here.The is part of the DOM parsing software mentioned above.The prototype code published on this web page is motivated by a real application.This is a software system I call a Trade Engine, which is diagrammed in Figure 1.

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