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The principal diagnostic marks are a sudden onset of fever with vomiting and sore throat, followed in a few hours by a red eruption on the skin.

The scarlet fever germs themselves may be so virulent that they produce death.

Many cases are extremely mild and show only a faint redness.

Some doctors are unwilling to consider these cases to be true scarlet fever, and so they call them scarlatina, scarlet rash, or roseola, or rose fever, or rose rash.

The flushed face may appear more sunburnt on darker skin Peeling skin on the fingertips, toes and groin area as the rash fades. Ten day course of antibiotics - early treatment of scarlet fever with an appropriate antibiotic remains essential, especially given the potential complications associated with group A streptococcal infections Children should not return to nursery or school, and adults to work until a minimum of 24 hours after taking antibiotics.

They often produce a membrane in the throat resembling that in diphtheria and septic sore throat.The sickness develops in from three to seven days after exposure to the infection.Signs.—Scarlet fever begins suddenly, usually with vomiting and a fever.Cause.—Scarlet fever is caused by an unidentified microorganism which is readily transmissible from the sick to other persons.Virulent streptococci are always associated with the special organisms of the disease itself, and are known to be the cause of many of the severe conditions that sometimes arise in the course of the disease.

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Scarlatina is the scientific name for scarlet fever, and means any case of scarlet fever whether it is mild or severe.

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