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What we do have are some hard-working people, working full-time (and then some!

) to give students the best library experience we can.

My frustrations with budget and technology limits may make it sound like I'm not happy with the powers that be, but I'm well aware they'd be happy to shower my library with books and technology if they had the money!

I doubt the people who make those decisions will read this blog, but I like them, I really like them!

But wait-- last year I had five student helpers and they were awesome kids I wouldn't have the pleasure of getting to know better if I wasn't collecting textbooks. I am old enough to be amazed that I can virtually hang out with library people from around the world.The reality is, I don't see that happening in my district.I don't even know when elementary or middle schools in my district had librarians.But then, as I perused the articles written by previous participants (all women, interestingly enough; are dudes too embarrassed to admit that they've done this, or is Google just not coming through for me?) and the info on the Sci-Fi Speed Dating website, I recognized the absence of some information that I admittedly felt completely blindsided by when I showed up for the event.

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" I admire and like Mary SO much and she's one of the most talented, generous, and dynamic Library Professionals in California and the country - I hope her fellow California Librarians, Library Associations, and professionals make her welcome and treat her with the respect she deserves.

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