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The public is known to grow tired of the same old sound.

"Most producers outside of a small number who focus on trying to be hit makers try to focus on new creative collaboration with whatever artists they're working on," says Gibbs.

We're certainly not able to spend beyond what our budgets are for making records," said Kallman.Deciding he preferred studios to touring, Storch moved to Los Angeles to work with Dr. There his keyboard loops helped form the basis of such hits as "Still D. E." He produced seven tracks on Christina Aguilera's "Stripped" album, including "Can't Hold Us Down," which featured Lil Kim.Storch decided to return to his Florida roots to, as he has said, build his empire.He got jammed," Spiegelman, his lawyer in the child support cases, says."I don't think he's going down, I just think he's having difficulty.

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Just a few years ago, Scott Storch was one of the top producers in pop music, living in a $10.5 million mansion on an exclusive Miami island, driving a phalanx of luxury cars and dating the likes of Paris Hilton and Lil Kim. He owes over $500,000 in real estate taxes and had a warrant out for his arrest when he failed to show up in court in a child-support case last month. He still has his waterfront marble mansion, but his lawyer, Guy Spiegelman, says Storch is attempting to refinance it after a "catastrophic occurrence this year" resulting from "mismanagement." Storch no longer works with his old manager or publicist.

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