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The first 2 digits indicate the year of manufacture (ex: a guitar with a 98342165 serial number was built in 1998) From 1993-94 to 1996-97, some models had a 7 digit serial number.In those cases, the 1st digit indicates the year it was manufactured (ex: a guitar with a 4351079 was built in 1994) Before 1993, guitars have a 5 or 4 digit serial number, and we have to check on our serial number lists to determine the year it was built.WSPCL indicates this is a long shaft Silver Century Plus.

When I am satisfied all my gremlins are out of it and I have added as much as I can, I might delete the first one, but at the moment I leave both, as the first one came direct from the horses mouth, so to speak, British Seagull.As I have seen this motor and it has the number 'O' instead, it looks as if a typist simply pressed the ')' instead of the '0', by hitting shift at the same time.The use of the number '0' in all the previous models tends to bear this out.The Marston Seagulls start here:- Below the letters and numbers for the Little Forty models.the 'F' was used, have seen one now and also there was an 'LM'. My grateful thanks to Ian for the time taken in sorting this out and donating it to the site for all to read.

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