Sedating a pet

By using sedation before euthanasia and keeping that pet in the presence of their owner, you will preserve and honor the Bond that is the reason we do what we do. Cherie Buisson is a veterinarian and lecturer who lives in Largo, FL.She spends her time in feline-only practice, hospice practice and teaching other veterinary professionals about hospice, euthanasia and compassion fatigue. I make sure to tell the owner that part of the reason for sedation is so that they don’t feel any more needles even if I have trouble accessing a vein.I’ve never had an owner express anything but relief and gratitude at this statement.

Not one of these objections has anything to do with the owner or the pet!Some will even laugh through their tears at the sound of their pet snoring peacefully.Do you know what it looks like to a client when you perform standing euthanasia on their pet?Sedation also allows me to let an owner get close to their pet during the euthanasia process. When an owner brings their pet in for euthanasia, I allow them to remain with their pet throughout their passing. I know it’s tempting to whisk their pet away to put in an IV catheter, but have faith in your vein-hitting ability.Every second the owner spends apart from their pet is a second of increased anxiety and guilt. With sedation, it’s only a big deal if I make it a big deal.

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