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A government organisation that only exists in Papua is the Papuan People's Council (Majelis Rakyat Papua) Papuan People's Council), which was formed by the Indonesian Government in 2005 as a coalition of Papuan tribal chiefs, tasked with arbitration and speaking on behalf of Papuan tribal customs.Indonesian sovereignty over Papua dates back to 1969, when Indonesia conducted a referendum (referred to by the Indonesian government as the Act of Free Choice) on the self-determination of the peoples of Papua under an agreement with the United Nations to respect any result.

The province of Papua is one of three provinces to have obtained special autonomy status, the others being Aceh and West Papua.The formality of installing a local government for Jaraka in Irian Jaya Barat (West) took place in February 2003 and a governor was appointed in November; a government for Irian Jaya Tengah (Central Irian Jaya) was delayed from August 2003 due to violent local protests.The creation of this separate Central Irian Jaya Province was blocked by Indonesian courts, who declared it to be unconstitutional and in contravention of the Papua's special autonomy agreement.Instead of conducting a democratic referendum amongst the general population, Indonesian security forces forcibly coerced a small number of tribal elders to vote to join Indonesia; some elders were not even made aware that a referendum was to be conducted beforehand.Nevertheless, the agreement with the UN was nominally upheld, and was recognised by the international community in spite of protests.

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