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Generative: Helper bot that generates responses to the users questions which do not require any external source of information such as general chit chat.It also has other capabilities like negotiation, self-learning and personalities.The bot must be able to maintain context as the user changes subjects or uses colloquial, conversational expressions and words, similar to how any human would.Presently, most bots are not sophisticated enough to do this.Yet another model performs facial image or video analysis to read facial expressions and determine user emotions.The aforesaid analysis models can also be used to determine the user’s age and sex that can help to improve managing the conversation, provide a human touch and augment user experience.

It can also predict the next best action, product, service, promotion etc… Retrieval based bots might be domain specific and/or task specific and you could have several of them chained together.It also learns by itself new information and styles via repeated interactions with the user.It uses different personalities to interact with different users based on who the user is (Male/Female, Young/Old etc…) also handles profiles like different kinds of professionals, nationalities including individual personalities.Some might be able to successfully respond to questions, but if the user follows up with the conversation, most bots today cannot maintain context about the question.An intelligent bot should be able to perceive its environment, make decisions, execute actions and even predict a user’s needs.

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