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(Maybe the Randroids want us to think this is what the world will be like after eight years of Obama?

) The plot revolves around the struggle of Taggart (Taylor Schilling) and Rearden (Grant Bowler) to overcome the bureaucrats, unions and crooked politicians and save Taggart's railroad.

Which, considering what a record-smashing floppapalooza Part I is, seems blessedly unlikely.

Jillian M., a mom of two who is in a committed relationship and who has been flirting with a co-worker, is wondering if that makes her a bad person.

The love affair between Dagny and Hank has all the erotic sizzle of a corporate merger.

When I see things, I see them." "It's us who move the world." (Bad grammar as well as bad dialogue.) "Where is the man that I used to love?

Most of her friends say that flirting with a co-worker "is a definite no-no," but Jillian feels that her flirtation is harmless.

There's "no touching or sexual advances whatsoever," she explains, and it's hard to end it because it satisfies her need for "a pick-me-up." Jillian's situation is far from unique among moms.

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Near the end of this movie, to relieve the tedium, I started thinking about what could have been done to save it. The name Ragnar the Pirate appears in a newspaper headline at the beginning of the movie and he's mentioned in passing later on, but that's all.

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  1. Later that year, Mario guest-starred as a plastic surgeon who drives Christian Troy to jealousy when he sees him naked in the shower in an episode of FX Network's Nip/Tuck during the show's fourth season, which began in Fall 2006.