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This football allusion became particularly prominent when the two met again at Verona Football Club again for the title, though the match changed into a Lumberjack match, the result and champion remained the same.

As well as wrestling in Ireland, O'Shaunessy occasionally travelled to Great Britain to make appearances on the British independent circuit.

No one in their right mind would be jealous of that.

You just mad there is real evidence and will try to defend pedophiles.

put him to a good form for the one-day tournament held in County Kildare to crown the inaugural IWW International Heavyweight Champion.

On 28 March, O'Shaunessy put an end to his main rivalries when he defeated Vinny and then Vain in the quarter and semi finals, respectively.

The rivalry quickly took on a patriotic flavour, with Galloway's blue colours of Scotland clashing O'Shaunnesy's green colours of Ireland, mirroring the Old Firm football derby between Rangers and Celtic, respectively.

;) Go ahead y'all...ur money where ur mouth is now. So because male superstars have young female fana that want pics with them that makes them pedophiles. Also as a sex abuse victim I’m sure you would have appreciated if someone who could back you up and verify what happened to you, you would have appreciated it. It got to a point where I was drugged and raped in my own home by a stranger and I was like "ACAB, they won't believe me like everyone else did" so I lied and said it was consensual and went to PP for a Plan B and a STD test.

Typically for sex crimes there is no statute of limotations, meaning they can be prosecuted at any time...matter how long after it actually happened. You guys should form a task force or better yet, join the FBI.

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Stephen Farrelly (born 28 January 1978) is an Irish professional wrestler and actor currently signed to the American professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he performs on the Smack Down brand under the ring name Sheamus (pronounced Prior to joining WWE, Farrelly wrestled on the European circuit and was a two-time International Heavyweight Champion during his tenure in Irish Whip Wrestling (IWW).

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