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Given the multi-stakeholder nature of the EITI and the importance of dialogue, the Validation procedures emphasise stakeholder consultation.

The national secretariat is requested to collate the documentation and other sources that demonstrate compliance, including MSG minutes.

In some cases, the Validation Guide specifies the evidence that the validator must use to ensure that a provision has been satisfied.

Prior to the commencement of Validation, the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) is encouraged to undertake a self-assessment of adherence to the EITI Standard.

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Stakeholders are also invited to prepare any other documentation they consider relevant.

The Validation Guide includes a provision that: “where the MSG wishes that Validation pays particular attention to assessing certain objectives or activities in accordance with the MSG work plan, these should be outlined upon the request of the MSG”.The Board maintains a standardised procedure for data collection, addressing stakeholder consultation and deadlines for the completion of the initial assessment.The EITI Board will appoint an Independent Validator through an open, competitive tendering process.This was really a lengthy process which used to put a lot of burden on the server.The Final Validation Report will include the Validator’s assessment of compliance with each provision, but not an overall assessment of compliance.

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