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Through her relationship with Dream Factory, Park Shin-Hye began training as an actress, singer, and playing the guitar & keyboard. In 2003 Park Shin-Hye debuted as the main female character in the music video "Ggot" (Flower) by singer Lee Seung-Hwan. I really like you the first time I saw you on the drama stairway to heaven. You look good togethere with geun suk,,i hope you'll have another TV drama with him. My Girlfriend and I really like your show and she was REALLY excited to see you finally get Kissed!!

In the same year she also successfully auditioned for a role in the SBS drama series "Stairway to Heaven". Park Shin-Hye played the role of main character Han Jung-Seo as a child (Choi Ji-Woo played the adult Han Jung-Seo). I personally liked how you reacted when you got your Piggy Bunny! I'm American so I just have the subtitles , wish I could speak Korean Can't wait to see those darling little reactions in your next series Good Luck with your career !!

Many times in the interviews she had been asked how she got this beauty. There are no any pieces of evidence found yet even if you compare her old and recent photographs that she had done any plastic surgery on her face this means Park Shin Hye does not lie as well.

She often claimed that she has not done any plastic surgery yet. Park Shin Hye is one of the most loved and appreciated Korean Actresses.

Park Shin Hye has appeared in several Korean dramas, movies and sang the songs too.Just looking at you doing your things you love to do makes me inspire and wishes that i was you dong that stuff. But anyway God bless you shinhye and take good care of yourself always. Year 2016 I was diagnosed of a chronic illness but not contagious, instead of worrying i diverted my concerns to kdramas..i started to admire you during doctors crush days..portrayed the role very well, while watching your drama i cried & laugh as if I was the person or the role that your playing. I was so curious about your life that's why I watched YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Flower Boys Next Door, Heartstrings, Kimcheed Radish Cube, my favorite character of yours PINOCCHIO , i cried a lot watching TREE OF HEAVEN (beautiful story- to SBS please broadcast this drama again in HD) , the unforgettable THE HEIRS. I dont suppose that you will ever see this message....anyway, thank you for helping me through a tough patch in life with your part in 'Doctors'. Damn it, I'm a girl but I love her so much, like truly love her! She's a natural beauty and is the most cutest and adorable girl in K-Drama industry. Good luck always PSH there is this comfortable chemistry, that effortless rapport & connection, exists between you and lee min ho on stage during the recent 2016 sbs drama awards. rooting for Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye in City Hunter 2 soon. I watched a lot of Korean Movies and Drama and none of which makes me so interested or addicted to Korean Actors and Actresses ONLY WHEN I WATCHED THE HEIRS! Always the pitiful protagonist, it gets tiring and doesn't show versatility in acting. Park shin hye....i'm Meann from Philippines...a super fan of yours...i really "The Heirs" i watched it more than 10 times....huh! It's a good thing that I celebrate with my favourite Korean actress. She is so talented :) The first time i saw her act was in tree of heaven and her acting performance was stellar! I hope to see you personally together with my favorite Korean actor-Lee Min Ho. in that kdrama i first learn the word OPPA means an older brother.. now i'm too late watching your kdrama heartstring but still i have finished it.. Even your presence on documentary & variety shows , cameos were daebak, your family is so beautiful & so are you, i love you as if your my little sister.. I love your character and personality and the way you convey your feelings and kindness, even if at times it is 'tough love'... - my guess is that although you are an accomplished actress, you are a real and genuine person that does care for others. You look charming and attractive in Coach 1941 S/S 2018 ready to wear fashion Park Shin Hy. There is a saying "In order to succeed, we must first believe we can." We believe we'll see you in 'Yeowoo Gaksibyeol' soon. I love her since 2012 and till now, I still love her. Please don't overwork and have a good sleep, stay healthy! My first Korean drama was Heartstring and I been hook up with Korean drama ever since especially all PSH dramas and movies. It means that we all should wait a year or maybe more for parkshinhye's comeback to drama world... Lafyu i hope u can cast in a variety show like we got married or any others! I love you both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin see you and visit again in the philippines:) hi beautiful park shin hye you looks really most beautiful , i love you so much and i really watching your all movies really i like and love your all movie and you ..really i would like to say your stunning park shin hye i m a big fan of yours .. I really hope she can do a drama with Lee Hong Ki soon. You are so kind, cute and beautiful,, you have a great talent, i love the way you sing and also how you dance, you have a graceful move so even a simple dance you make it in a fabulous moves.. grade in Hak-Kang Elementary School in Gwangju, where she was advised by her English teacher to audition for Dream Factory. Eventually, she auditioned at Dream Factory and got successful.Shin-Hye moved to the Chung-Ang University in 2009. She was not only trained as a singer there but she started being trained as an actress and trained in guitar and keyboard as well. Park Shin Hye debut in a screen from the year 2003.

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