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Children may not be mature enough to realize that a foot condition is developing until the pain can no longer be ignored and thus may not receive a diagnosis as early as they should.Avoiding any serious or chronic foot pain during childhood will have an important impact on your child's foot development as he or she grows into an adult.Just like adults, active kids need shoes that provide adequate arch support and heel support and absorb shock to reduce stress to joints while they exercise.The major difference between a children's therapeutic running shoe and an adult's therapeutic running shoe is that a kid's running shoe tends to provide less motion control to allow smaller feet to continue to grow and develop without unnatural hindrance.Many of our shoes also accommodate AFOs (ankle/foot orthoses) and KAFOs (knee/ankle/foot orthoses) which are braces that correct improper gait development.Understanding children's awareness of fashion, we provide a variety of stylish extra depth children's medical shoes in colors that will blend in with the other kid's shoes into a classroom setting and still comply with the podiatrist's recommendations.CHASA helps families of children and young adults who have a diagnosis of hemiplegia. My daughter Anna has cerebral palsy, the result of a stroke at birth.But she’s also a teenaged girl, and sometimes she just wants to be like her friends.

The rigid structure of an AFO will wear a hole through the toe box of an overly flimsy shoe within a matter of weeks.

In summer, that often means she would love to wear flip flops.

Up until this summer that was something she could only dream about.

Also carry children’s orthopedic shoes for children who need extra-depth to accommodate AFO’s, KAFO’s and inserts. Keeping Pace Orthopedic Footwear – Specially sized for AFOs, with extra long length extends that beyond top of brace AFO Socks Knee high socks work well with taller braces.

These can often be purchased from: Having problems paying for your child’s orthotic?

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For information about foot ailments in children, click here.

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