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However, Islamic clerics in Iran never stopped promoting the practice.

Surprisingly, many forward-thinking people, including some Islamist feminists and other women’s rights advocates, believed that allowed men and women to maintain intimate relationships without fear of violating strict Islamic social and moral values.

Initially, some questionable characters were reportedly operating these places, but they later became legitimate business establishments. Article 21 of the Family Protection Law officially sanctions the practice.

According to this law, the two sides can perform the service by reciting the relevant passage either in Farsi or English.

I even got feedback from a woman in Costa Rica who said the story could easily have taken place there.

In reality, this story is about life in patriarchal societies and the problems that patriarchy brings along with it.

“There are more religious pilgrims in the holy cities of Qom and Mashhad,” Mr. He added: “We’ve witnessed a marked increase in the number of Iraqi male pilgrims visiting Mashhad in the past month.

A lot of the countries in the Middle East, North Africa…

There have been news reports about the mushrooming of “chastity houses,” particularly in holy cities, and their increasing popularity with male foreign tourists visiting Iran.

Though they are yet to become legal, chastity or morality houses are religiously sanctioned establishments that enable couples to engage in intimate relationships by performing (temporary marriage).

Through a series of intersecting municipal miseries and challenges, the three unlikely figures end up living in the same apartment complex, their lives becoming increasingly intertwined as the story develops and their problems overlap.

When I was a young person living in Iran I had a lot of questions.

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