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In New York, the new Club Soda event series is billed as “a place for the sober-curious to explore how good life can get when we re-frame our relationship with alcohol.” In London, mocktail bar Redemption draws exceptionally glowy crowds for its beet “martinis” and coconut water “margaritas”—it’s so popular, there are now two locations.And in Los Angeles, Bender, Conscious Family Dinner, and The Shine Movement are creating a new social paradigm by combining elements like food, music, yoga, and self-improvement.(Although they take place after dark, the only alcohol you’ll find is in the kombucha.) When you have a space for living a healthy or “spiritually conscious, high vibe life,” according to this line of thinking, no buzz-inducing substances are really necessary.“We choose not to serve alcohol at the Conscious Family Dinner because we don’t feel there is a need,” explains Benjamin Rolnik of Integral Fitness, the organization behind the monthly supper club.

“I don’t identify with the label ‘alcoholic,’” says Warrington.

” (He’s got a point.) According to Dawn Nickel, co-founder of addiction support network She Recovers, happenings like these act as havens for both those who are new to the dry life and those who have been sober for a while.

“Not drinking in social situations, when you’ve always had a drink in your hand, is really hard for many people,” she says.

Inside this plus sign, which acts like a gallery window, we showcase the most exciting, transformative trends and ideas that add wellness to your life.

This week on The Plus Factor, we’re focused on the social sober movement, where not drinking alcohol is what’s buzzy.

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“Between the yoga, the music, and the energy of like-minded people, everyone is sharing a powerful and engaging experience that makes them feel things,” says founder (and DJ) Justin Henderson.

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