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When you arrive we will provide you with a list of the ladies who will be attending our Group Speed Dating Events.We make no guarantees about advanced date arrangements.We contact ladies when a client has requested to meet them within a few weeks of the tour date.However, you will see from the photos of our past Quest Tours that many of the ladies on the site do attend the events and clients do get to meet many of them.In our interview with you we will discuss why you selected the ones you did to learn more about the type of lady you are hoping to meet.

The purpose of the online database of ladies’ profiles is to assist in deciding who we invite to the events for the clients to meet.We do not provide air transportation because it adds little value to the goal of finding a spouse and can cause complications.We understand that other organizations purchase these round trips tickets from JFK , but then you have to purchase travel to arrive and coordinate with that flight.We would learn of this when we contact them just prior to your Quest Tour and they would not be invited and the profile would be marked “inactive” and not displayed on the site.A main purpose the profiles serve is to learn about the type of lady you wish to meet.

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