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And the speed with which the former turns into the latter is nothing short of shocking.

There’s no need to deal with the possibility of a crushingly awkward dinner conversation when you can’t hear each other over the music, and you don’t have to worry about when she’ll call back if you never even got her phone number.

Stanford is professionally a success and greatly enjoys working with attractive young men, occasionally the same targets as the girls, but has a better instinct to tell which share his preference.

He is very social, and gets along well with the quartet, especially Carrie, even mutually sharing confidences and asking advice neither would be at ease with among their own genders, as he often understands women better than they can themselves.

There’s an old saying- often repeated when there are no women around- which holds that no sane man should pay for a cow when he can get the milk for free.

Why in the world would anyone bother going to the considerable trouble of taking a woman out on a date (or, heaven forbid, multiple dates) when she’s willing to dispense physical and emotional intimacy after two coke-and-rums on the dance floor at Sigma Nu?

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