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Since people with autism require much more time than others to shift their attention between auditory and visual stimuli, they find it more difficult to follow rapidly changing, complex social interactions.

These problems may be part of the reason why Jack, a man with autism, said, "If I relate to people too much, I become nervous and uncomfortable." Learning social skills can be greatly helped with videotapes. Figuring out how to interact socially was much more difficult than solving an engineering problem.

It is easy for me to pass a simple 'theory of mind' test because I visualize what the other person would be seeing.

For example, if John sees Sally put a candy in a jar and then Sally eats the candy when John leaves the room and replaces it with a pen, I know that John expects to find a candy because he did not see the candy replaced by the pen.

From the book I learned that, in most people, information in memory is seamlessly linked with emotion.When I encounter a new social situation I can scan my data banks for a similar situation that I can use as a model to guide me in the new situation.My data banks in social skills are also filled with news articles about diplomatic relationships between different countries and an archive of previous experiences.I can speed-search my CD-ROM memory of videotapes and make a decision quickly. Doing this visually may be easier than doing it with verbal thinking.I try to avoid situations where I can get into trouble.

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