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The TASFA is notorious for having a complicated application process that makes it rather difficult for students who are non-citizens to access state financial aid that they are likely eligible for.

The recommended training is expected to be developed no later than December 1st, 2019 (§ 51.260).By allowing TAFSA-eligible students to complete the TASFA online (similar to how FAFSA-eligible students complete the FAFSA online), the process for applying for financial aid becomes much more accessible to — and streamlined for — students who are non-citizens.The changes in law made by HB 2140 begin with applications for state student financial assistance submitted for the 2022–2023 academic year. These campus liaisons are familiar with the specific needs of students who were formerly in foster care and are professionally trained to help such students find information on housing, food and meal programs, counseling, financial aid, and other campus services that will help them to be successful in a college setting.If the coordinating board determines that an institution is compliant, the coordinating board may assess an administrative penalty against the institution in an amount not to exceed million (§ 51.258).Finally, SB 212 states that the commissioner of higher education shall establish an advisory committee to develop recommended training for Title IX coordinators and deputy Title IX coordinators (§ 51.260).

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