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Finding one who is fluent in English is a lot harder. Thanks to the digital nomad movement (more on that later), more and more girls develop an interest for the English language.

In Chiang Mai you need at least twice as many approaches to find a girl who can say more than her name. There is one thing (besides their non-existent English skills) that I have to warn you about.

Bangkok has hundreds, if not thousands of those concrete blocks.

Thanks to the good old birds and bees principle, a lot of the girls are at least 10% Chinese. Finding a beautiful light-skinned Chiang Mai girl with model qualities is not that hard.

There are mainly two reasons why those girls are whiter than other Thai girls: The climate in the north is much colder than the climate in the other parts of the country, at least in the winter season.

That’s why the girls are not as tanned as the ones who live in the south or in Bangkok.

Many foreigners already know that, which is why you will see more foreigners in Chiang Mai than Thai people. Thanks to the incredibly cheap prices and the high quality of living, this unremarkable city in the mountains has become in South East Asia.

This development changed the dating dynamics big time.

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