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werden, dass die Aktualisierungsfunktion Ihnen erlaubt, diese Operation in drei verschiedenen Modi durchzufhren: komplette Ersetzung (in diesem Fall gehen alle Ressourcen verloren und die Ressourcen des aktuellen Projekts werden an die Datei gelinkt), Ergnzung (in diesem Aktualisierungsmodus des aktuellen Projekts nur addiert zu den schon in der Anwendung existierenden Ressourcen), und so genannte schlaue Ergnzung: wenn nur die Ressourcen der ausfhrbaren Datei, deren Namen mit den Namen der Ressourcen in dem Projekt bereinstimmen, durch ihre neuen Versionen aktualisiert werden.This update provides an example of how the capital contribution principle works, looking at the legal basis and the general requirements for a tax-free repayment of reserves from capital contributions.This interim report informs you about the development of business in the first three months of the current 2005/06 financial year (March to May 2005) and in particular, gives us an opportunity to update you on the discussions concerning the reform of the European Sugar Market Regulation.der vorliegende Zwischenbericht unterrichtet Sie ber die Geschftsentwicklung in den ersten drei Monaten des laufenden Geschftsjahres 2005/06 (Mrz bis Mai 2005) und gibt uns insbesondere Gelegenheit, Sie ber die Diskussion um die Reform der EU-Zuckermarktordnung zu informieren.Hi mediamatrix, I thought this was very clear, when I wrote that the diplomat is trying to say "we are interested", without saying it (because of the aforementioned constraints). All the best, Andy PS: Yes, indeed it deliberately avoids a time frame to indicate gratitude without being pined down that this gratitude actually extends to future action, which would be against current policy of none involvement.Not objecting means in this context being "interested". I think the answer to the question in embedded, so to speak, in your explanation."it was much appreciated"), directly inviting further correspondence, which in this specific case was not as outlined.--------------------------------------------------Note added at 48 mins (2010-08-03 GMT)--------------------------------------------------I think, it is noteworthy that the correspondences ends with this phrases.As if there is an ellipsis for that what cannot be said in this situation (e.g. I sense, it is an indirect and subtle way of saying "we are interested".

You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs (or are passionate about them).For those awkward individuals among us who have felt like they should have given thanks for something but never had the courage to do so, Epic Games has you covered.In a new update released today, the development team added a new feature that should prove popular.Explanation: This is standard phrase in British English in formal correspondence.Explanation: Depending on the context the sentence could imply that the contact is somewhat defensive about what you have told him ie he thinks you are hinting at some impropriety or breech of protocol.

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