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Thanks for the notes, I was able to use assistant 2 and update to 0400. When I used an adapter on my Mac (Female USB-A to Male USBC) and the corresponding cable, Assistant saw the controller and upgrade worked.There were a couple times I thought it was hanging up but eventually pushed threw. Now it keeps telling me to update the latest firmware, the same 0.400. For a few flights the dates were correct but the majority of the flight show 1-28-2013. The controller works great when flying but other than that the software that runs it is crap.Sad that forum members discover fixes before the manufacturer. I must have got the same bad batch of smart controllers. I’ll give it a few more times attempting to get it sorted out or DLI will be sending me a new one.Ifor the past month I have been trying to update the latest firmware 0.400 even with DJI assistant 2 and no luck. I have been tolerating these issues, but when you get into 10-15 hours of attempting to get it to work properly it becomes unacceptable. Also I just tried to do another .0400 update through DJI ASSISTANT 2 because the smart controller popped up telling to do so.DJI will be getting a call Monday I followed the steps Drone Zone had suggested and it worked. I ignored all of the pop ups and went through DJI assistant 2 and ran the download and it worked.You would think DJI would do a test run with the software before their consumers deal with it. Let’s hope the date on the flight is accurate and not 1-18-2013. I’ll keep you updated Hi, we're sorry for the late response.It seem to stuck at 16 % upgrading at first, but went through. PS: I am certain a DJI rep could have figured out the same by grabbing a Smart Controller and a computer, providing us with an answer.

Tried to connect to the controller using DJI Assistant 2 on three different computers, none can see the controller.

Have you tried to check if there was an SD card on the unit during the firmware update?

If yes, did you try to remove the SD card and re-upgrade the firmware again? https://com/mavic-2/info#downloads Hi, we're sorry for the late response.

thought I would check the drone for updates, no luck no connection went back to the laptop and success!

I would never have tried these crazy things if you had not posted your success - so thanks! I received my smart controller and right out of the box had the similar update issue/experience. Thats a lot of money to ask for a product that doesnt work as described. Thanks so much for this, it worked after figuring out I had to use a USB-C to USB-A cable, for some reason, my Mac Book or the controller didn't like my USB-C to USB-C cable and assistant wouldn't see the controller.

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I recently had a remarkable buggy experience with a Phantom 4 Advanced so I think they are having serious quality issues lately. After purchasing a new Smart Controller I turned it on, logged on to my account and activated it.

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