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Batshaw, by the way, had no interest in Operation Match.

He was a scientist, and didn't believe a computer could lead him to love, nor did it satisfy his notion of romance.

Last month, we shared the surprising news that investors planned to reopen the iconic toy store as a pop-up chain just in time for Christmas.

Now, we know more about where these pop-up stores will be, including almost 600 locations in 30 states.

Shelly, 19, a sophomore, and Larry, 20, a junior, both completed theirs in late 1965. There was a big story about the United Nations, and Larry mentioned it.

Gene Shalit, in a Valentine's Day cover story for Look magazine in 1966, wrote that mixers and traditional campus mating rituals were now a thing of the past: "Punch bowls are out, punch cards are in." After you sent in your and coupon, you received a questionnaire, lengthy and detailed.

He is a partner at Blank Rome, chairman of the board of the Philadelphia Foundation, and a former chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

A career educator - both public schoolteacher and college professor - Shelly was honored in May for her life's work by the Senior LAW Center.

She dated, but rarely met guys outside her political science program.

So when she saw the coupon in the Temple News in 1965 for Operation Match - the nation's first big computer dating service - she mailed in her , a lot of money in those days, hoping for fun and dates.

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But there's one movie that confused a lot of kids, and probably scarred even more for life.

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