The initially intimidating

For example, do they seem stressed themselves at the moment? Respond to those cues and ask yourself how you can serve them with compassion and genuineness.Small gestures or a kind word as you speak can be incredibly disarming and serve to build a better long-term relationship.Mix your I statements with frequent validations of what they're saying.

Focusing too much on what you want from the intimidating person can make you miss important cues that could help you communicate more effectively. The reason for their bad mood, dominance or aggression might not have anything to do with you!

I statements typically keep intimidating individuals from moving to the defensive and trying to be even more assertive.

At the same time, firmness within truthful I statements tells the intimidating person that you have strength of your own.

The woman, his side-kick, wanted us to guess her age, and tell her how good she looked, and all that jazz.

She was older than we guessed, but of course, you guessed that.

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