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She doesn’t care that I am transitioning or that I was once a femme-identifying lesbian. A close friend of mine recently revamped their Tinder and HER profiles, switching their name, pronouns, and gender identity to match.

His name says Josh, pronouns are he/him/his, identity is FTM queer, and his favorite food is italian.

After reading through the data, I wasn't surprised at the results. In fact, the study validated my personal experience with the dating scene and gave me statistics to prove my point: I am lucky enough to say that my partner, who knew me before I came out as trans, has stayed with me through my own internal exploration of my gender.

She is supportive, loving, and accepting of me and how I identify. Because so many of my friends who are also trans aren’t so lucky.

What my ex said about hypothetically dating me stabbed me in my core and kept me up night after night wondering if my partner perhaps felt like this too. I would like to tell all of my trans, non binary, and genderqueer friends that if you are experiencing this, you are not alone. It’s not fair that we have to be overlooked and excluded in another realm of our lives. What this says to me is that it is time to break open more studies like this one to get people talking.But it doesn’t have to be a lead item unless you want it to be.Being transgender is still something that’s quite a shock to most people and it challenges their own identities and sexualities. Have confidence that her answer, ultimately, doesn’t matter.And she said that if someone dated me, it would be too complicated to figure out and understand what we would call our relationship because only the other person and I would know I was trans but not the rest of the world. Except, what a person defines their relationship as is up to the people in the relationship, not the people walking down the sidewalk.She politicized my body by saying that hypothetically dating me would be too complicated because I am a trans man with female genitals.

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