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The stresses of the semester allow you to easily forget about or fight with that person.” For Lindy, calling, texting and Skyping was essential to her relationship’s success.And as an inspiration to us all, the collegiette concludes: “Remember it's a difficult situation. But don't let long distance be the reason to quit something so special.” We could not have said it better!You and your SO are high school sweethearts, or maybe you got together over break.Now that the semester is about to start, you’re moving back to different schools across the country, and you’re going to miss each other like crazy!There are plenty of simple ways for your relationship to go back to normal.“Coming back to campus, include some dates as part of reconnecting,” Smith says.Whether you were home with your SO all summer and you’re moving back to different parts of the country in the fall, or you were in a temporary LDR, transitioning back to school can feel unnatural. Smith, president and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting to help you make sense of the situation, no matter what the circumstances of your relationship are.This new set-up is definitely going to take some adjusting, especially if this was your first summer as a couple. So you and your SO were apart all summer, and although it was hard, you had gotten used to it.

“Sometimes, you need your girls to help you out.” For the collegiette, communication was key to handling the situation.“But then you need to focus on school and get back into your routine.Do not ignore your other friends; it is important to focus on those connections as well.” Based on her experience, Lindy could not agree more.Lindy and her boyfriend, who are going to live close to each other for good, have become seasoned experts when it comes to LDRs.“Before the semester starts, go ahead and plan a weekend or two out of the semester to see your SO,” she suggests.

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