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There are at least four different varieties of 3.5 mm plugs and jacks, each with its own purpose and application.

In the last 60 days, several friends have had severe problems by not understanding the differences and innocently plugged the inappropriate plug into the jack on their recording device, which caused them severe problems.

When a caller is on hold, 60 seconds seems like an eternity, so see if you can program the phone system to play music (calming classical or jaunty jazz is best) to break this perception of an interminable wait.

Aside from that, however, putting someone on hold in a professional way depends on your behavior.

Otherwise, the supported Mac will not realize that there is a mic connected.

Apparently, with some of the supported Macs, it does not detect the presence of a TRRS plug, but also the impedance of the stereo headset plugged connected.

The golden rule to keep in mind is as follows: how would you like to be treated if you were on the other end of the line?

When it comes to what listeners hear during the hold period, you needn't be limited by your phone system or carrier's options.

In this article, I explain and show them all, so you can get your desired result and avoid falling into the trap where my friends did.In any case, the Tip refers to the metallic tip of the plug, and the Ring refers to the metallic parts that surround the plug.When I have attempted to troubleshoot for friends on the telephone, they often answered incorrectly when counting how many conductors they have on their headphone’s plug because instead of counting the metallic sections —which are conductors, they mistakenly count the dark-colored portions —which are insulators.A TRS or Tip Ring Sleeve plug has three conductors and can exist at least as 1/4″ and 3.5mm, and can be used with mono balanced connections (especially when there isn’t sufficient space for the preferred XLR 3-pin), although much it’s used more commonly for stereo unbalanced, at microphone level, line level or speaker level.A TRRS or Tip Ring Ring Sleeve plug has four conductors and is very popular with 3.5mm, and can be used with stereo unbalanced audio with video…

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