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This method does not require you to setup another user account in Windows; you simply login with the username ‘anonymous’ with the password field left blank one time. I’m going to write this guide as simply as I can so, hopefully, it’s easy to follow.// A Wee Bit 'O Background // After trying every possible way to get my unit working how I wanted I gave up and just settled for viewing all my media under MEDIA SERVER.For example mine looks like this: LIBRARIES - Movies - New - Sports - TV Series - Blu Ray You can individually go through and set sharing permissions for each folder but I like using the library because all one we have to do is set up sharing VIDEOS and all the folders under it will be shared without having to touch any of them.In addition, if you want to add a folder later all you have to do is right click it and select share with library Specific People In the box that pops up click the drop down box and choose EVERYONE and then click ADD to the right.Make sure the following options have a dot next to it: - Turn on network discovery - Turn on file and printer sharing - Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in public folders - Use 128 bit encryption - Turn OFF password protected sharing - Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections Once those options are all selected make sure it says ‘media streaming is on’ and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom. The section you want to go to is LOCAL SECURITY POLICY. Once the properties box pops up put a dot next to DISABLED and then click APPLY and then OK.

A box should pop up that says ‘Change sharing options for different network profiles’ at the top. Go to: Start Administrative Tools You should get a box with a list starting with COMPONENT SERVICES. Near the top of the list locate: ACCOUNTS: LIMIT LOCAL ACCOUNT USE OF BLANK PASSWORDS Right click it and choose ‘properties’.All these folders are what I have shared so my HDTV Live can see them under the NETWORK SHARES section.// STEP BY STEP GUIDE // Network and Internet Once there click on HOMEGROUP or CHOOSE HOMEGROUP AND SHARING OPTIONS.To do this right click each folder you want the HDTV Live to see and choose: Include in Library Documents There are a number of ways to get to the libraries but this should work for everyone.In the box that pops up you should see a frame on the left that has LIBRARIES with the following listed below it: - Documents - Music - Pictures - Videos If you click the little arrow you should see a drop down of all the folders that you “included” in the VIDEOS library.

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