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She has since branched to other professions where she has bagged similar success.In addition to a gleesome career as an actor and singer, Tyra Banks has risen to prominence following her self-made long-running TV series, awards for Outstanding Talk Show Informative category.Tyra Lynne Banks was born on 4th December 1973, in Inglewood, California to her parents, Carolyn London, and Donald Banks.Her mother, who now goes by her new name London-Johnson is a medical photographer, while her father is a computer consultant.When aged 11, Banks had a sudden growth spurt which saw her lose 30 pounds and rise 3 inches taller.For a girl who was popular in her school, not forgetting her rather mean character at the time, she received a lot of hate directed by her classmates.

The show ran for twenty-two seasons until it’s cancellation in October 2015.

Amidst her modeling success, Tyra Banks pursued the acting profession, making her debut in 1993 TV series, .

The show featured a competition of aspiring models against each other for the label of America’s Next Top Model.

This was reported to be after Bank’s unflattering pictures in a bathing suit surfaced in tabloids.

Funny enough, she marched into her show with the very same bathing suit and openly told her critics to “Kick my fat ass!

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