Updating federal job experience

If you want to pursue a career in IT, then that information should be presented first in this section.

This allows you to adjust the resume as needed for future opportunities.

If you fail to incorporate these words into your document, your modern resume may be out of contention before an HR professional ever reads it.

When applying for a federal job, forget what you learned about resume writing.

Has that much changed since you last applied for a new position in 1995 — or even 2005? Here are some key resume tips you'll want to implement when updating your outdated resume to ensure your application sees the light of day.

Gone are the days of stating why you want to boost your skills, share your talents, and optimize your career path. If you are sending out your modern resume, your objective is to land an interview.

This is also a great place to add keywords that are used in job advertisements.

Related: It's Time to Ditch Your Resume Objective Statement Speaking of keywords, what are they?

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