Updating flex builder

Now you can easily do it with the Multi Select option.

Hold on to your Command (Ctrl for PC users) key while selecting the needed elements, by clicking on them. To select all elements at once, press Command A keys.

1.3) Add some fun animation effect for your buttons on hover.

Since launching Flex Block, many of you have dived right away into the process of designing new amazing blocks and page sections, to bring to life some of your most wild and long-desired website ideas.

For that reason, we added the Lock Layer option to Flex Block v. By enabling this option, you make the element non-clickable. Since the elements you lock become non-clickable, you will not be able to trigger the editor sidebar the regular way (by double-clicking the element).

Instead, you will need to use the Layers sidebar to edit locked elements.

Clicking an element from this list will add it to the mobile view and remove it from this list. We do encourage you to test the lower and higher values, to see how it works and find that sweet spot for your own website.(Available with v.

This allows you to easily keep track of all elements and easily sort out what’s going only on mobile or only desktop. 1.3) When adding an Image element to your block, now, on the right side bar you will find the option to Enable Parallax along with the Parallax Factor scale, which allows you to control the amount of movement you want to add to the scrolling experience of the user. 1.3) Need to move, delete or duplicate several elements at once?

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