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Garmin offers a one time fee for “lifetime” maps, Tom Tom’s offer is on an annual basis, and with NAVIGON you get There are two models for getting map updates these days, subscription, and paying for an individual map.

If you pay for an individual map you decide how often you want to update the map for your device.

Lifetime means NAVIGON’s map subscription package is similar.

The Spring Map Update includes up-to-date details on new or changed roadways including local streets, major roads, freeways and highways, updates to communities, new or updated details for points of interest including businesses, restaurants, stores and much more.There are Straits of Magellan that are located in the waterway between Chile and Argentina in South America. The maps of the Magellan 3100 are from the third quarter of 2006.There is not an update available yet for this particular product.The oldest and largest of these three companies is Garmin.Tom Tom is also the main mapping data provider for the Maps app in Apple products. When it comes to the question of who makes the best handhelp GPS system, the consumers have picked clear winners for first & second place with three models tied for third place.

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